Sunday 28th March 2021


People pray in church before the Eucharist. Please respect the quiet before the service begins.


Please feel free to socialise in the churchyard, 
maintaining the necessary distance.


We are very happy to welcome parishioners back to St John’s and hope that everyone finds themselves and their families safe and well. 

Please be advised that last year’s safety guidance remains in place:• Maintain two-metre social distancing, including when seated• Sanitise hands and follow the one-way system • Wear a mask throughout the service• There’ll be no singing by the congregation• Exit via the door next to the Lady Chapel• Do feel free to socialise in the churchyard, maintaining the necessary distance 

Thank you all for your cooperation. We are delighted to be able to open our doors to our congregation again.


Now that St John’s has reopened, please take a note of our services coming up:• Thursday 1st April: Maunday Thursday service at 10am• Friday 2nd April: Good Friday service at 2pm• Sunday 4th April: Easter Day service at 10am

Normal services will resume from Thursday 8th April.


We pray for:

Our local churches: for All Saints, Hatcham Park; St John’s with Holy Trinity,Deptford; the Church of the Ascension, Blackheath; also for the Nigerian Chaplaincy, representing the Church of Nigerian Anglicans in the U.K.; for thepriests and people of these places

Our church family abroad: for Southwark’s link dioceses in Zimbabwe, particularly for the Anglican Diocese of Manicaland – a community supported by the Bishop of Southwark’s Lent Call; for all people in Zimbabwe who are suffering hardship and hunger

Our local community: We pray for the Quaggy Development Trust in Greenwich, a charity providing childcare, children’s services and counselling for local families

We pray for the LewCAS Foodbank, run by Lewisham churches and serving refugees and asylum seekers in the community

We pray for Lewisham College, for the wellbeing of students returning to face-to-face learning and for their tutors

Those who are ill:
 Thelma Laverley, Joyce Sillah 
Those whose year’s mind we keep: Helen Bell

Parish Eucharist
Sunday 4th April at 10am: Easter Day
Readings: Acts 10:43-43, 1st Corinthians 15:1-11, John 20:1-18


Please send any items for inclusion in next Sunday’s news sheet to Amanda

Jordan at by Wednesday morning. Thank you.

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